Internal Temperatures for Meat

USDA Recommended Safe Minimum Internal Temperatures

  • Steaks & Roasts – 145 °F  (63c)
  • Fish – 145 °F  (63c)
  • Pork – 160 °F  (71c)
  • Ground Beef – 160 °F  (71c)
  • Egg Dishes – 160 °F  (71c)
  • Chicken Breasts – 165 °F  (74c)
  • Whole Poultry – 165 °F  (74c)

Beef, lamb, duck breast, and veal steaks, chops, and roasts (USDA minimum: 145F) *   

Raw Less than 125F (52C) Bright purple-red, cool, stringy, slightly juicy
Rare 125-130F (52-54C) Red center, warm, tender, juicy
Medium rare 130-140F (54-60C) Pink center, warm, firm, can be juicy
Medium 140-150F (60-66C) Tan with hints of pink, firm, not very juicy
Medium well 150-160F (66-71C) Tan center, firm to tough, little juice
Well done more than 160F (71C) Tan to brown center, tough, little juice

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