Rice – Get it right without a rice cooker

ALL rice needs exactly the same weight of water to cook it perfectly: 100g rice with 100ml water.

However, extra water is needed for evaporation during cooking, so 100ml extra water is added – no matter how many grams of rice you are making.

  • 100g with 200ml water,
  • 200g with 300ml water,
  • 300g with 400ml water, and so on….

Add cold water and bring to the boil, put on a tight lid and turn to super low (slight simmer) until all the water is gone – often simmering for around 3/4 of the cooking time on the pack.

Another way to do this (in any pan size) is to add water (or stock) until it just covers the rice, then add an extra 1cm of water.

A third method is you can cover the pan with foil, place a thermometer just above the bottom of the pan and wait for it to come up to 212f. This is when you know all the water has evaporated. Once done, turn it off and cover with a tea towel for 10 mins before serving. This temperature is how a rice-cooker knows when to stop cooking the rice.



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