Treble Cooked Chips

One of the great thing about this recipe, except the quality of the chips of course,  is you can almost totally cook the chips ahead of time, leaving you with just a minute or so cooking time when they are actually needed. This means you could even have a few batches ready to go if needs be.

Method, adapted somewhat from Heston’s Thrice Cooked Chips….

  • Peel and cut the potatoes into chips of about 1.5cm width.
  • Rinse the chips in a bowl with cold running water to remove excess starch, the water should turn from cloudy to clear.
  • Boil the chips for around 5 mins, you will see the chip edges change their colour and loosen up.
  • Remove chips to a plate and put in the fridge to cool.
  • Heat the chip pan to 130c and cook the chips for 5-10mins, until they are cooked but not particularly coloured, you can tell they are mostly cooked as the amount of bubbles appearing decreases.
  • Remove and cool again on top of kitchen roll.
  • Heat the pan to around 170c (dont go much higher than this) and cook the chips for about a minute, maybe more, be careful not to leave them too long as they will quickly develop a dark colour and slightly burnt taste. Just keep an eye on them and trust your judgement.
  • Salt and Serve!

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