Turkey and Trimmings – Christmas Recipes


Turkey (legs removed, boned and stuffed with sausagemeat)

Do not food process except to cut the onions, breadcrumbs and sage, well you can but make sure you dont puree
Kilo of Sausage meat, 4 medium onions (blanched maybe), good handful of sage, loaf of tin bread crusts removed and crumbed. Additives such as apricots, chestnuts etc.

Parboil (5+ mins). Shake potatoes to rough up edges, put drained spuds in a baking tray.
Heat the fat in a pan on the stove until just starting to smoke and pour over the potatoes.
Put straight into a hot oven, 200+ is best or right at the top of the oven you are cooking your roast in.

Add parsnips and other root veg, esp parboiled beatroot to a seperate baking tray.

Cut off hard sprout bases, remove leaves, place in bowl. Fry off pancetta and then add chestnuts, add sprout leaves and fry for a couple of minutes to coat without the sprout leaves going soft.

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