The difficult thing is getting the temp right so they completely cook through, but have a nice bubbly top without burning the bottoms. Its easiest to do them on a slightly too high heat. This ensures a nice bubbling. However, to avoid burning the base, the crumpets should then be transferred to a hot oven to finish off for a couple of minutes – a toaster could do the same job.

Make a batter with 450g plain flour, 5g yeast and 10g salt. Add 350ml milk and 350ml water – warmed to blood temp.

Leave for at least an hour so it goes nice and bubbly. Whisk again so it flattens just before cooking.

Heat a hotplate, turn down to low, grease with butter.

Scoop 1/4 cup of batter into a non stick ring. Cook until the top looks all bubbly and then transfer to a hot oven for 2 minutes to ensure the middles are cooked.

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