Chocolate Coated Honeycomb

Mix 50 ml Water, 190 g Caster Sugar, 50 g Light Soft Brown Sugar, 140 g Liquid Glucose and 60 g Honey and heat in a large saucepan to 146 C. Immediately add 10 g Bicarbonate of Soda and mix quickly but well. The sugar mix will foam pretty quickly (hence the large pan), wait until the foam has reached the top of the pan and pour in a big mound onto some greaseproof paper. Cool completely and break into smaller chunks.

The honeycomb will most likely weep and become quite sticky so you can coat it in chocolate so it remains handleable. To do this melt (in a bain marie) 200 g Tempered Dark Chocolate and 200 g Tempered Milk Chocolate and dip the pieces in, covering half the first time, allowing to set, and repeating with the second hand. You may fine that you need to loosen the chocolate mix, to do so add a tablespoon of flavourless oil such as sunflower and stir to combine.

Store in the fridge…

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