Feeds around 4-6. Based on the Felicity Cloake recipe in the Guardian.

Rub a whole 2 kg shoulder of lamb on the bone with: 2 Tbsp olive oil1 tsp each of cinnamon, oregano and salt, a roughly crushed half a head of garlic and the juice of 1 lemon. Cover and leave for 12 hours (not essential but it helps).

Heat the oven to 160C.

Place 2kg of peeled medium sized floury potatoes to the base of a large cast iron lidded casserole dish amongst 1 large red onion cut into wedges, 1 large red pepper cut into chunky strips and around 15 cherry tomatoes. Place the lamb on top. Add another whole head of garlic cut in half laterally and squeeze in another whole lemon and add just one of the shells (cut in half again, discard the other) along with 1 bay leaf.

Pour 200 ml water into the dish. If using a casserole dish, tuck a damp piece of greaseproof on top and cover, if using a roasting dish, sprinkle the overhanging paper with water and fold over and tuck in to form a sealed package. Bake for 4-5 hours until very tender.

Open up at the table for a centrepiece.

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