Stuffed Paratha/Naan

I tie these in with another meal as the bread for this can be a small amount of the burger bun recipe (a quarter) and the filling is a small part of the veggie burger recipe (also a quarter). So veggie burgers one night and stuffed parathas with another Indian dish the next.

Just roll the veggie burger remains into 3 balls (about golf balls), split the dough also into 3, and flatten with your fingers to a size large enough so you can place the vege mix on top and then pull the dough mix up and around the mix, making a ball within a ball.

Flatten the whole lot with your fingers to give a nice texture and fry in oil and butter on a medium heat for 2 or 3 minutes per side until nice and colored. Place onto kitchen roll or a tea towel to remove a bit of the fat.

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