VW T25 – New electric hook up

New electric hook-up cables and plugs – Fitted the wrong end, dont make my mistake.

This is what you should be fitting, a male end on your van. to this you will run a live female one. This makes sense as it would be very dangerous running your 24v hook up with bare metal live prongs that you could touch. Anyway I didn’t think of that and fitted the wrong one. Went to Northern France in December and froze to death. Idiot.

They have a circle where to make a hole to run the cable.

Also get a 10m or so extender cable, and a adapter which is a ‘plug > female’ connector for both UK and Europe. Some camp sites don’t have somewhere to plug a hook up into but just have plug sockets, seems dangerous to me especially in the wet on a ski resort but there you go…

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