Vietnamese Pho

This is far from perfection but am just working on a recipe….

Start with a nice stock, beef or vegetable is most normal, 500ml between 2 people is fine.

Add a tablespoon of grated garlic and ginger cook for a couple of minutes and then strain – leaving it would give a bitty texture which you don’t want. Now add sliced mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes,

The next bit is a matter of taste but all can be added to a individual diner’s bowl and then the hot stock poured over. I add sliced red chilli, pak choi, some noodles (probably rice noodles), thinly cut strips of steak, bean sprouts, a tablespoon of dark soy, and a tablespoon of flying goose sauce and the juice of a lime.

Finally, add fresh herbs, a mix of mint, coriander and basil all very finely chopped.


Live in Oxford, UK? You can buy local mushrooms from morelly mushrooms

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