Arancini (risotto balls) – A simple staple


This is one of those things that sounds hard,  maybe just because they aren’t often seen on menus so most people don’t know what they are, but actually they are the simplest things.

When you make risotto, make sure you make too much (preferably double) and save some for the next night (I find about 80g (uncooked) of risotto rice is about right for a decent portion).


  1. Leftover risotto – mustn’t be full of large bits like mushrooms or they may fall apart while frying.
  2. Breadcrumbs
  3. A thick batter: 1 egg, 150g plain flour, 150g water


Take the risotto out of the fridge and roll into balls, somewhere between golf balls and tennis balls, bear in mind that when you deep fry them they must be completely covered with oil so don’t make them so big that they stick out of your deep fryer or they will explode like little volcanos.

Cover in the thick batter, roll well in breadcrumbs and fry for about 5 mins at 160c.

Serve with a simple dressed salad.


Live in Oxford, UK? You can buy local mushrooms from morelly mushrooms

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